We design visitor experiences for companies that work with guests: hotels, museums, tour operators, and destinations
Epic Experiences
The Experience Design Studio
From a single experience
to the entire journey
We design next-generation tours and experiences
Go beyond audio guides to app-guided tours and quests combining multiple digital and physical experiences, customizable for every customer
mixing digital and physical worlds
With just a phone, we blend digital and physical experiences for navigation, guidance, solving riddles, visualizing past and future, and much more
to surprise and delight your visitors
Captivating, immersive, memorable experiences that weren't possible before, creating an emotional connection with your guests
For organizations that work with guests
  • Hotels and accommodation
    Provide more than a room, create an experience inside your place and in the entire destination, from arrival to departure – and beyond
  • Museums and attractions
    Immerse your visitors into stories that you love, share the passion, and make your place more than a collection of things
  • Tourism boards
    Introduce visitors into your destination, facilitate navigation and interaction with local businesses, to help visitors have a positive impact
  • Tour operators and agents
    Level up your business, scale operations, introduce tours for modern customers, and become a long-term market leader
Let's make your visitor experiences epic
Alex Farlander
Founder and CXO
WhatsApp: +372 51 974722
Email: alex@alex.travel
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